I Can’t Stop Asking Myself...

A Better Day: Slice of Life

I can’t stop asking myself: how, for the past two months, were my momma and I able to pick, pack n’ ship out all your orders- without our awesome team by our side?!

During the 57 days that our team was staying safe, while my mom and I were in the warehouse packing your orders, I felt waves of anxiety 🌊. Thoughts like ‘how are we possibly going to be able to ship out all these orders?’ and ‘I know we need to be working in the warehouse now, but we also need to complete our everyday tasks that are just piling up on our desk!”

But through this experience my mom taught me an important life lesson as she would say: “lets just do a little at a time, one order at a time, and you’ll see- we’ll be able to accomplish it all!” 📦

My mom’s words of encouragement and positive outlook is what gave us the strength to accomplish all that we did during this experience.

Wishing everyone the ability to recognize the power of saying little, but doing much. #WordsOfWisdom #SayLittleDoMuch #ItsPossible #YouGotThis

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