“Kindness. That’s All I’ve Ever Known.”

A Better Day: Slice of Life

“Kindness. That’s all I’ve ever known.”- Grandma

From what I’ve seen in movies, employees are usually not  too excited when their boss asks to speak. But things at The Better House are different. My favorite part of work is when Grandma taps me on my shoulder and asks if we can speak! Weather we’re spending 4 hours attempting to sort our trademarks and logistics 😩 or shmoozing- I love it all.  

Today, I felt Blessed as I listened to Grandma share her life-lesson-of-the-day with me. 

“From the time I was little, I have always been surrounded by kind people. People who were always willing to help the person next to them (no matter who needed help), without thinking twice about it. Back in Italy (when my family needed help), guess who helped us? The poor!!! They gave us everything they had!! I pray that when someone goes out of their way to do kindness- that kindness flows back onto them and their family!”

Although this world may seem crazy at times, it’s truly filled with so much goodness! We are getting closer and closer. Just keep your eyes open. Be kind. And always love. 🥰

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