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Family Motto: Things Only Get Better at The Better House

Do you remember your favorite childhood food?

It’s difficult for me to imagine what life was like when my grandma (aka Edith) was a youngster. Born in the midst of WWII, Grandma’s diet consisted of polenta. For those of you wondering, “what’s polenta?” Here it is: take a pot, mix cornmeal + water, cook it over a flame and… breakfast, lunch, and dinner is served! No butter, spice, or anything nice; just these 2 simple ingredients is what Grandma remembers eating on the slopes of the Italian alps, (and unless your grandmother tells you to taste it, I don’t suggest trying this one at home!)

After moving from Italy to New York, my grandma met my grandpa, Eric, who worked in his family’s housewares business. My grandparents married and began conquering every challenge with hard work and the desire to create a better future for their family! The mindset of satisfaction with the status quo did not exist in their life. Rather, they did everything in their power to make today the best day for tomorrow!

Born into the family and business was my mother (aka Ilana). Before she was able to speak, my momma knew all the ins-and-outs of the company. Legend has it that at the age of 10 my grandparents snuck her into a trade show, even though the minimum age to attend the show was 16. Now you may be thinking “how’d your grandparents sneak her in?” – well, I guess the clown costume that my mom was dressed up in made her look mature, go figure! After hanging up the clown costume my momma quickly developed a knack for housewares and has made her way to CEO.

As for me (aka Amanda), as I write this letter, I catch myself constantly looking up to the cork-board behind my computer. Now working at my mother’s old desk, I reminisce and smile at the photos of my family and the pictures that we drew for her when we were kids. I feel Blessed to join the teams that has 80+ successful years and to be titled the 3rd generation added to our women-owned family business! Together- we can do anything.

3 Generations: 1 Passion – To Make Your House, The Better House!




P.S. If you tried my grandma’s secret polenta recipe and didn’t heed my warning, share your experience with us at: info@thebetterhouse.com or call 1(800) 929-5533. 


Our warehouse, Long Island City

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