Things Don’t Go As Planned

A Better Day: Slice of Life

Things don’t always go as planned, especially when using a 81 year old elevator 🚸 

Recently we were in a way-too-long debate... whether or not we should upgrade some office equipment (don’t worry we aren't touching the elevator). Unsure of what to do, the decision was finally made when Ilana said “It’s silly to push off things that you need!”

Later I’ll do this, later I’ll do that. Too often I find myself avoiding what has to be done, wishing that the task will take care of itself. 

But the truth, you, and only you, were created to complete your task- right here, right now!

By changing our perspective from “have to” ➡️ “get to” - we unlock: freedom. The ability to recognize the privilege we are given to complete our mission and tasks. #JustDoIt. 

 **Disclaimer: we know you’re wondering ‘why did you post a “Slice of Life” on Monday?’ Our answer is simple, just because... 🙃 Happy Monday!  #WeAreBlessed

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